How to Winterize Your Honda in Kansas City

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How to Winterize Your Honda
in Kansas City

If you've been pondering, "How to winterize my Honda," it's important to note that rather than just one simple step, it requires a series of measures to fully winter-proof your vehicle. Fortunately, the Honda service experts at Legends Honda make it easy to ensure your car, truck, van or SUV is prepared for the snow, ice and cold weather. Follow the quick tips below or contact our Honda dealership in Kansas City, KS, to get comprehensive Honda winterize service today!

How Do I Winterize My Car for Winter?

  1. Check Tire Pressure/Tread Depth
  2. Check Oil & Fluid Levels
  3. Check Battery
  4. Check Belts, Hoses & Windshield Wipers
  5. Put Together Winter Emergency Kit

Honda Tire Service near Me

No matter the season, having properly inflated Honda tires is pivotal to your vehicle's performance. During low temperatures, tire pressure tends to decrease, making it important to routinely check your Honda Civic or Honda CR-V to make sure that it's suited for the road ahead. And did we mention your tire tread depth? If your tires are balding or you find your stopping distance has been affected, book Honda tire repairs with us.

Honda Oil Change in Kansas City

We advise KS Honda drivers to regularly check their Honda oil and fluid levels, particularly during the winter months when oil tends to be impacted most. Depending on the Honda model you own, our Honda service technicians may even suggest switching to a thinner oil for winter to keep the components in your Honda engine running smoothly. Need assistance checking coolant levels? In need of a synthetic oil change? Schedule Honda service today! 

Honda Battery Check & Replacement

Nothing is worse than getting left stranded with a dead battery. Whether your Honda Pilot is taking longer than normal to start or your Honda Accord check engine light is flashing, you may be in need of a new car battery. Is your Honda battery more than three years old? Even if it isn’t, do note that the cold Kansas weather will likely reduce its power considerably.

General Honda Maintenance

The impact of cold temperatures can also extend to additional Honda components, such as the hoses, belts and wiper blades. Do you need a Honda service expert to take a look at your vehicle's hoses and belts? Is it time to buy genuine Honda wiper blades? Browse our Honda service specials to discover ways to save on the pivotal auto maintenance your vehicle requires.

What Should Be in a Winter Emergency Car Kit?

In the event that your Honda breaks down, it's vital to be prepared. We suggest keeping a car emergency kit in your vehicle year round. For the cold winter months, some items that we suggest you keep in your vehicle emergency kit include:

  • Flashlights, Flares & First-Aid Kit
  • Jumper Cable or Portable Battery Charger
  • Honda Tool Kit & Tire Chains
  • Warm Winter Coats, Hats, Gloves, Boots & Blankets
  • Snowbrush, Ice Scraper & Shovel
  • De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Water & Snacks
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